Interactions, LTD

Interactions Ltd is dedicated to improving the education experience for students, teachers and parents through the intelligent use of mobile technologies.  Our core values are based on creating easy to use applications and leveraging user centered design principles to deliver rich application content.

Dave Parkhill

Dave is a seasoned technology executive and consultant, specializing in creating and applying service solutions for the education, health care and telecom industries. He is a founder of Interactions,  and has held positions as CIO and CTO of Virgin Mobile USA, Director of British Telecom's Service Assembly Project, national Director at Anderson Business Consulting, and Principal  with IBM Global Services.

Chris McClenaghan

Chris is a technology expert, having been a member of the Technical Staff at AT&T Bell Labs and US West Advanced Technologies. He has also provided consulting experience to large enterprises, such as Virgin Mobile USA, British Telecom, Visa International, GTECH, USAA, and IBM's IT organization


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