A Framework

A framework that works. 

Interactions has developed an innovative test framework to enable rapid delivery of multiple choice test content on mobile platforms -including the iPhone and iPad. 

Currently published tests enable students to practice for standardized tests, ranging from the SAT to the California High School Exit Exam (CAHSEE) for secondary school graduation. 

 The primary features of our test framework enable the creation of a unique testing app for Apple iOS platforms with a minimum of effort by simply placing the test content into a well defined format. 



What is it?

The test publishing framework enables you to publish your own tests as iPhone or IPad apps, along with in-App purchase capabilities. Take any multiple-choice style test, scored or practice, multiple or single tests and sections, and a polished iOS app is weeks - not months or years - away. 

A unique approach, separating content from the generalized design of a multiple choice testing app makes sense, for us and for you. License the framework to take advantage of the heavy lifting we've already done. 

How Does it Work?

Existing content is formatted in an XML file and combined with our generic test application to create a custom test app. Sounds easy? It is.

  • Multiple tests
  • Multiple sections
  • Multiple questions per section
  • Up to four choices per question
  • Text
  • Figures
  • Images
  • Mathematical formulas

all are handled equally by simply formatting the content. 

How will it help you?

Any educational organization that wants to enable practice tests for their students or use mobile technology for testing and skills assessment will save considerable time and effort over creating their own testing application.

The test framework doesn’t require you to write any code to publish your tests.  Once the content is formatted and included in a new app, the tests are available in an iOS app ready for the iPhone or IPad

How do I get it?

The framework licensing model is flexible - licensing terms can be on a per user, per app or enterprise-wide basis.  Please Contact Us for details.