If you have multiple choice-style testing content in electronic form, we will convert it into our proprietary format and load it into an application. Practice content - including multiple levels of feedback when wrong answers are given - is supported, as are multiple tests with multiple sections, reference material such as reading comprehension passages and directions specific to each section. 

Design & Branding

Our designers will work with you to add your branding to the app and design a custom application icon. Custom buttons, colors, and icons are all part of what makes your organizations app unique, all  without changing the core usability of the testing application. If desired, our experienced engineers will also customize the behavior of the application.


We will also work with you to create content describing your app for the App Store, and will leverage our relationship with Apple to finally publish the app. Apps can be published for general sale or for use by only students associated with your organization. Before publishing, you'll be able to review with us the entire app: branding, app availability, and pricing.


Many organizations don't have their own technology staff to spend months developing a custom application, but that should not block them from leveraging their content in modern ways to provide achievement opportunities for students. Interactions is capable, trustworthy, and excited to help you bring your app from idea to digital reality.